July 16, 2024



315L Bespoke 1-Door with customisable design, 3 Ticks

  • Design your ideal refrigerator space with Bespoke – use it as a standalone or if you want more space, you can combine it with one or more Bespoke units. Choose between a 1-Door Fridge, Bottom Mount Freezer or even a 4-Door Flex and combine them in any permutations as you wish. Seamlessly integrate multiple refrigeration modules so you can enjoy the flexibility of tailoring your fridge to suit your changing lifestyle and storage needs.
  • Make your kitchen more you. With custom coloured fridge panels and a varied choice of finishes*, it’s easy to express yourself and your taste with a Bespoke refrigerator. No longer compromise on style and see your Bespoke fridge seamlessly blend in with your kitchen. From Glam White to Satin Sky Blue, you can now choose the perfect fridge door colour for you**. Satin – Soft & Silky glass, Glam – Glossy glass.
  • Enjoy the ultimate in flexible storage. Easily convert your freezer into a fridge on demand and optimise how you use all of the space. So there’s always plenty of room to keep even more of the fresh food that you particularly enjoy or need to store in different seasons or for special occasions.


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